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The federal system operates very differently from Texas state courts. The Rules of Evidence are different. There are different procedures. Judges have great authority and are allowed to do things that state court judges cannot do. Also, even though the case may be tried in Texas, the laws of Texas—including the protections guaranteed by our state Constitution and state statutes—do not apply. Federal prosecutors also have more resources at the federal level compared to state prosecutors. Many criminal defense attorneys will not try cases in federal court. The Owens Law Firm offers those accused of a crime a dedicated and vigorous defense, whether they are facing trial in state or federal court.

Understanding Federal Crimes

Federal crimes are crimes that violate federal law. Federal crimes are investigated by a variety of federal agencies (such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA, and the Internal Revenue Service or IRS) and are prosecuted by federal attorneys with extensive resources. The Owens Law Firm defends clients against federal charges such as:

  • Federal Tax crimes
  • Federal drug crimes
  • Fraud (bank, mail, computer, credit card, wire etc.)
  • Bank robbery
  • Immigration violations
  • Counterfeiting
  • Conspiracy
  • Embezzlement
  • Federal weapons charges
  • Possession of child pornography and other sex crimes
  • Treason

The federal government will impose harsh penalties on people convicted of these crimes. Putting on an effective defense in a federal criminal case requires a thorough understanding of the federal justice system. If you even suspect that you are being investigated for any federal charges, then you should contact a federal criminal defense lawyer immediately.

It is also important to understand that, under certain circumstances, the Fifth Amendment double jeopardy protection won’t bar the prosecution of a defendant for the same criminal action in both federal and state court. This means that, if a suspect’s actions violate state and federal law (but don’t occur on federal property), then the suspect can be prosecuted in both federal and/or state court. If you or someone you love has been charged with, or is a suspect in, a federal crime in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, then contact a Fort Worth/Dallas federal criminal defense attorney to assist you in your federal case.

Grand Jury Testimony

In many federal criminal cases, investigators and/or prosecutors will come across individuals who have some knowledge of the crime or crimes being investigated but either haven’t committed a crime themselves or are suspected of a crime of which the government can’t find evidence. One common tactic of federal prosecutors is to get these individuals to testify before a grand jury as “witnesses”. Often times, the prosecutors do this in the hopes of catching the witness in a lie and then threatening him/her with a perjury charge. If you have received a subpoena to come testify before a federal grand jury, then it would be wise to consult a federal criminal defense attorney at your earliest convenience. Because of the complex nature of federal crime prosecuting procedures and penalties, you could benefit most by seeking representation from a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer at The Owens Law Firm. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and defending your case.

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