Narcotics/Drug Crimes

Narcotics/Drug Crimes

If you are facing state or federal drug crime charges in Texas, then the prosecution will do everything in its power to convict you and impose the harshest penalties available under the law. Being convicted of a drug crime can result in swift and severe punishment and leave a mark on your criminal record that affects you for years to come. If you have been charged with a narcotics or drug crime, then it is crucial that you hire a knowledgeable attorney who can inform you of your legal rights and provide you with representation in court. At The Owens Law Firm, we can defend clients against a wide range of drug charges, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Possession with intent to sell or distribute
  • Selling or distributing drugs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug cultivation/manufacturing
  • Juvenile drug charges

In Texas, the Texas Controlled Substances Act divides narcotics and other drugs into 5 groups plus a 6th specifically regarding marijuana. The penalties for drug crimes that violate Texas state law depend on which penalty group the drug(s) belong to, as well as the type and amount of the drug and the offender’s previous criminal history. Depending on the amount, simple possession of a drug in penalty group 4 or 3 may be a misdemeanor. There are a wide variety of narcotics (substances or drugs that reduce pain and induce sleep) and drug crimes under Texas state law, and depending on the circumstances surrounding the case and the crime committed, the penalties for these offenses can be very serious. Drug crimes can involve all types of controlled substances and such as marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin and LSD and/or illegally-obtained prescription narcotics and drugs such as amphetamines, steroids, testosterone, Xanax, Vicodin, Valium, Percocet Codeine, Hydrocodeine, Morphine, SOMA and OxyContin (oxycodone). You might be prosecuted under federal or state law or both. Whatever the charge, we are prepared to stand up for your rights.

Strong Defense in Narcotics and Drug Cases

Drug charges are taken very seriously in Texas and can carry a wide range of punishments from fines and probation to lengthy prison sentences. Beyond the fines and the possibility of incarceration, a drug offense conviction could have very serious consequences. Being convicted of a drug crime in Texas can lead to your driver’s license being suspended. It may even cost you your job or otherwise limit your professional opportunities. A history of drug use is a difficult enough stigma for someone seeking employment; a criminal record will only further hurt your career.

A seasoned criminal defense attorney can possibly help you avoid these consequences by providing you with skilled representation that increases your chances of your charges being lessened or dropped. Contact The Owens Law Firm today if you have been arrested for a narcotics or drug crime in the D/FW area, and we will build a defense for you in your case with the goal of reaching a conclusion that is advantageous to you and your future.

If you have been charged with a drug crime, then having an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer who can investigate the circumstances and legality surrounding your arrest and the charge against you can mean the difference between spending time in prison and having your case dismissed. There are many factors to consider when crafting a defense to your drug charge. Criminal defense attorney David Owens evaluates each case on an individual basis and uses his education, training and experience to aggressively defend and represent you. As a former prosecutor, he knows how the prosecution will attempt to build a drug charge case against you. He will work hard to present a compelling case on your behalf.

Illegal Searches and Seizures

The legality of a law enforcement search and/or seizure is often-an issue in drug cases. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects individuals against unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. We will investigate all aspects of a drug arrest to determine whether unlawful search and seizure procedures occurred. Where we discover violations of our client’s rights against unreasonable searches and seizures, we move to suppress the evidence. If undercover agents are involved then we check for instances of illegal entrapment of our clients. Without the necessary evidence to prove the criminal charges, the State may have to dismiss its case against a defendant. If you have been arrested or charged with a drug crime, then it’s important that you have an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney who can advise you as to whether the evidence leading to your arrest resulted from an illegal search or seizure.


The law allows law enforcement agencies to seize money that they believed was gained from drug activity or property that may have been used in drug activity. For example, the police can seize the proceeds of an illegal drug sale.

If your property has been seized, and you want to get it back, then there are time limits and bonding procedures that must be followed. We can help you navigate the complex and often frustrating legal system and try to get your property returned to you.

Federal Cases

The U.S. Attorney normally prosecutes cases investigated by the DEA and the FBI. Those agencies tend to focus on bigger cases, such as drug conspiracies and international trafficking. By the time a person becomes aware that she is a suspect, she has often been the subject of an ongoing investigation for many months, even years.

We can advise and represent people in federal cases and grand jury proceedings. Drug cases tried in federal court can be very different from drug trials in Texas state court. In Federal Court, the District Judge is required to consult guidelines to determine the proper sentence. When the stakes are high, you need a skilled, aggressive defense team on your side in court. Contact The Owens Law Firm today for a strong defense against any federal drug crime charge.

Contact a Drug Crimes Lawyer Serving the Fort Worth/Dallas Area

Get the help of a Fort Worth/Dallas drug crimes attorney immediately if you or someone you care about has been arrested or charged with any type of drug crime. Fort Worth/Dallas criminal defense attorney David Owens has the experience and drive to help his clients achieve the best outcome possible.

He has been on both sides of a criminal court case, which gives his clients an advantage when it comes to developing a strong strategy for his or her defense. The Owens Law Firm wants to help you avoid the stiff fines, jail time and life-destroying consequences associated with allegations concerning illegal drug crimes.

If you have been arrested or are concerned about being prosecuted for a drug crime — whether this is your first drug crime offense or if you have a criminal record — then we will stand up for your rights. Contact us today by e-mail or by telephone at 817-334-7997 to speak with an experienced Fort Worth/Dallas drug crimes defense lawyer.

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