Sealing Criminal Records

Sealing Criminal Records

An Order for Non-Disclosure seals your criminal record from the public. This is different from an expunction because your record isn’t completely erased and can still be viewed by government agencies; however, it will prevent your record from being seen by the public. If you were finally convicted, then you may not be eligible for an Order of Non-Disclosure or an Expunction. The Owens Law Firm handles expunctions and non-disclosures for cases that occurred in Tarrant or Dallas County, Texas.

What is an Order for Non-Disclosure?

Although a person may have successfully completed deferred adjudication and avoided a conviction, the record of their arrest and the charges will remain available for public view. Texas law allows for certain deferred adjudication offenses to be sealed from public view. If granted, then an Order of Non-Disclosure will prohibit criminal justice agencies from disclosing the information about the offense, and you may deny that you were ever arrested, unless you are asked about the arrest under oath in a future a criminal proceeding. Some government agencies and other entities will be allowed to obtain limited information about the offense, however.

Eligibility for Order of Non-Disclosure

In Texas, the laws governing orders of non-disclosure are more complicated than the rules and procedures for expunging criminal records. The length of time a person seeking an order of non-disclosure must wait after successfully completed deferred adjudication varies depending on the severity of the offense. Some records cannot be sealed with an order of nondisclosure. If you did not successfully complete deferred adjudication, then you will not be eligible for an order for non-disclosure. Defendants who receive “straight probation” have been finally convicted of the crime with which they are charged and become ineligible for a motion for non-disclosure unless they are pardoned or their convictions are overturned on appeal. Some offenses cannot be sealed with an order of nondisclosure.

Can I get my Criminal Record Sealed?

To discuss the possibility of an order of nondisclosure for a case that occurred in Tarrant or Dallas County, Texas, contact The Owens Law Firm by calling (817) 860-8888 or by email.

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