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Make no mistake: Whether or not you have a white-collar job, you still may be implicated in a white collar crime. “White collar crime” generally refers to the illegal acquisition of money or other property without the use of force, threats or violence. Embezzlement, for example, is a white collar offense committed by persons who steal or misuse property they are legally in possession, custody and/or control of (e.g., bankers). Fraud is another large category of white collar crime. Some white collar crimes are federal offenses and could land you in Federal Court. If convicted, then you could be sentenced to many years in prison and have to pay some very hefty fines, and then there’s the damage to your professional career and reputation.

White collar crimes may be complex and may be committed over a long period of time. Criminal schemes may involve many different people, and often times, the most culpable individuals will try and find scapegoats to pin the crime on. An employee may bear the brunt of a fraud that is actually being perpetrated by someone higher up the chain of command. In all of these instances, the lawyer for the accused must be highly knowledgeable about his client’s case. When there is advance warning that a fraud charge is being investigated, we may be able to prevent an arrest altogether. For an honest, confidential consultation with an aggressive criminal defense lawyer regarding any white collar crime, contact our firm now.

If you know that you are suspected of committing a white collar crime or crimes, then it is a good idea to speak with an attorney for legal advice and protection before charges are filed. A skilled, hardworking legal team can formulate an effective defense against prospective charges before the government even files them. The sooner you retain counsel, the sooner your legal team can get to work protecting your rights and defending you against aggressive law enforcement. Make an appointment with a white collar crimes lawyer at The Owens Law Firm today.

Have you already been charged with a white collar crime? If so, then you must get the help of Fort Worth/Dallas white collar crimes criminal defense lawyer David Owens. Just the accusation of having committed a white collar crime can negatively impact your professional reputation. We can guide you through the legal system and help get your business life back on track.

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